About Ichikyu

About Ichikyu Daifukudo

Ichikyu Daifukudo was founded in Asahikawa City, Hokkaido, in 1924.
The company is a manufacturer of Japanese confectionaries, specializing primarily in rice cake sweets.
A majority of our products are handmade one by one by our artisans every morning, primarily using high-quality ingredients sourced from Hokkaido.

About red beans

Blessed with a fertile soil and environment, Hokkaido is the leading producer of red beans in Japan.
Here at Ichikyu Daifukudo, we mostly use Shumari red beans and Tokachi red beans in our products.
In addition, it is said that it is effective also in promoting the secretion of diuresis,detoxification, hangover, breast milk.


About Mochi

Mochi is made with mochi-rice. It is very white and soft.
We have many kinds of rice in Japan.
Mochi-rice is one of them and it is very sticky.
We make it more smoothly by steam and kneading.
And we make many Japanese sweets with Mochi.



Toll Free : 0120-51-1932 (9:00~17:00)
E-mail : info@daifukudo.co.jp
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